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un requin féroce sauvé de la pollution … Read entire article »

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plus de 100 scientifiques contre la politique australienne de pêche aux requins

WA Premier, Colin Barnett WA Opposition Leader, Mark McGowan WA Minister for Fisheries, Ken Baston WA Minister for Environment, Albert Jacob Dear Premier Barnett, Mr. McGowan, Minister Baston and Minister Jacob, Re: Proposal to use drum lines for shark population control and targeting of sharks entering protected beach zones The scientific community acknowledges that the Western Australian (WA) shark situation is a highly emotive issue, in which there has been a great deal of personal suffering. We also recognise that the effects of shark bite fatalities extend beyond the individuals and their families, and impact on the wider community. However, as scientists and professionals who work with sharks on a regular basis, we are sending this letter because we are deeply opposed to elements of the new shark mitigation policy announced by the WA … Read entire article »

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