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What are the causes that could explain the presence of sharks? /Quelles sont les causes pouvant expliquer la présence des requins ?

Why bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are present at Reunion island? They are present at Reunion island, but everywhere on Earth also! There is NO overpopulation, despite what authorities and some « self-declared experts in sharks » want the public to believe, using statements that are scientifically unfounded, untrue or libelous vis-à-vis the associations that try to restore hypotheses scientifically proven, often buffeted by political and others involved in the « shark business. » If we go back to the causes of this presence, they consist mainly of anthropogenic factors such as urbanization, the occupation of coastal space, pollution, fishing, among others. This addition of factors has led to a « shift » in shark populations. What are the causes of anthropogenic origin? – Fishing reef sharks and degradation of their coastal habitats: the population of reef sharks in Reunion island has … Read entire article »

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