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Reunion Island : myths and reality 1- La Réunion : mythes et réalités 1

Since 2011, the Reunion island is facing the consequences of what the media have called « the shark crisis. » Whether one is practicing a nautical activity or not, this problem concerns everyone. However, the majority of the population of Reunion remains silent on the subject. For 4 years, only some opinions are taken into account by the authorities: that of the regional fisheries committee and some surfers (not all). They are neither experts nor specialists of sharks. Their projects of « securisation » are based mainly on fishing and are subsidized by public funds: approximately € 3M have been distributed so far among a few players, and € 10M of grants are requested to Europe in 2015. Huge amounts of money are at stake . Despite this, it is almost impossible to get … Read entire article »

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