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Reunion : myths and reality 2 & 3- La Réunion : mythes et réalités 2 & 3

Since 2011, Réunion is facing the consequences of what the media have called, to better sell their newspapers, « the shark crisis. » For 4 years, the « securisation » projects are based mainly on fishing and are subsidized by public funds: approximately € 3M distributed to date. Huge amounts of money are at stake. Environmental protection associations call for the stopping of fishing tiger sharks and bull sharks, but they are ignored and / or abused by their opponents. Precautionary recommendations from scientists are put aside. The regional authority decides on the distribution of public budgets between a few actors who explain that shark fishing is the best security solution (or do they fish millions of € from EC?) and who install drumlines to attract sharks near the beaches. How all that happened ? Depuis 2011, … Read entire article »

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