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Myth No. 7: « Is the marine reserve of the Reunion island responsible for the so-called « proliferation of sharks? »

Myth No. 7: « Is the marine reserve of the Reunion island responsible for the so-called « proliferation of sharks? » NO:  It has already been established that there was no proliferation of sharks in the Reunion island. Comparaisons made by pro-fishing associations under which there are more attacks in the Reunion island than in Australia are just figures thrown to the media for the buzz, and it emphasizes the « necessary eradication of sharks » in order to avoid any risk in the Reunion island. Sharks counting is an impossible task in an open environment and their eradication an unspeakable stupidity. The Marine Natural Reserve, created in 2007, integrates bathing & fishing areas and less than 5% of its surface are classified as wilderness areas (a-priori, no scientific activity outside counting). If biomass has actually taken lightly on these integral areas … Read entire article »

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