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Mythe N° 8: « No risk of ciguatera in Reunion» / « il n’y a pas de risque Ciguatera à la Réunion »

FALSE: As a reminder, the decision of the Préfecture of La Reunion to prohibit trade in tiger shark’s and bull shark’s meat, enacted in 1999 and maintained and renewed in 2014, is motivated by the opinion of the ANSES (National Agency Health Safety of Food) highlighting the case of recurrent and fatal poisonings occurring in Madagascar after shark meat ingestion and the ability of some sharks to travel between the two islands (i.e. results of the CHARC study). Ciguatera exists at the Reunion island but to date, other species of fish such as barracuda, are concerned. Cases of poisoning following the consumption of such fish have taken place. This is precisely the reason why the flesh of sharks targeted by the program CAP REQUINS will never present the necessary food security … Read entire article »

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