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de nouveaux accidents à la Réunion : cherchez l’erreur / New shark accidents at Reunion Island : look for the error

Suite à ces accidents, ont été prises des décisions politiques tout aussi inefficaces que stupides pour apaiser officiellement et probablement la population, mais plus certainement encore pour protéger les intérêts économiques des notables, groupes hôteliers et autres fermes piscicoles locales. Following these accidents, some political decisions have been taken. They are as ineffective as they are stupid. They were meant to appease the population in an official way, but especially to protect the economic interests of such parties as hotel groups and other local fish farms. Ainsi les pétitions ont fleuri telle celle du collectif « Rendez-nous la mer » qui appelle à « une régulation durable, raisonnée, organisée et transparente des requins ». Cela  présuppose-t-il que l’homme doive une fois de plus interférer sur ce milieu qui n’est pas le sien mais qui en revanche, est … Read entire article »

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William Winram : the great white lie

A personal account of his first shark encounter and the turning point in his life with regards to sharks and how they have been portrayed. William also touches on the critical role of the shark in the marine ecosystem. ABOUT WILLIAM William Winram is noted as an Ocean Environmentalist, Shark Publicist and Photographer. He established himself as one of the few freedivers in the world who can excel in pool and depth competitions, earning several medals at World Championships. After three years of competitive freediving and countless Pan-American records, William started using his breath-hold talents in aid of the world’s oceans.Today, while William still competes at an international level, he volunteers a significant amount of his time to assist scientists in their research on sharks. He is considered an expert in shark … Read entire article »

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